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Thanks to our recently completed partnership with Process & Machinery Control, we can provide a wider range of products than ever before. This partnership is focused on providing users with an effective third party source for their process control needs. Make us the “one shop stop” for all your Distributed Control System (DCS) requirements. For additional information regarding our new partnership, please feel free to contact John Bourke via e-Mail at , or Bill Reiner at .

We can provide a wide range of products and parts for both NETWORK 90 and INFI 90. This includes cabinets, controllers, I/O modules, Computer Interfaces and Operator Consoles

Our products include SPECTRUM and I/A Series cabinets, I/O cards, consoles and support parts. Our inventory holdings are one of the largest in the U.S. outside of FOXBORO.

We have a strong inventory of the PRoVOX parts you need to keep your Series 10 system on-line and running. We have I/O cards, termination units, HTDs, LTDs, controllers, console parts, cabinets and cables.

We have a wide cross section of parts for TDC2000, TDC3000 and Process Manager. Products available include: controllers, I/O cards, console parts, and computer interfaces.

Many of the items we offer hold the same warranty as is provided by the origional equipment manfacturer.

Web-based requests for equipment
We are now able to offer our customers the ability to request pricing of equipment over the web. Expect us to contact you within one business day of receiving your electronic request. Click the title for details on receiving price quotes from us without ever picking up the phone!

Ready to sell some equipment?
A few simple clicks of your mouse is all it takes to submit an online notification to DCS Parts. We are committed to contacting you within one business day of your submission. Click this title for more details.


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